Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day: UR Doin' It Wrong

So, yesterday was Earth Day; I am all about being green, and was quite excited in particular about Starbucks' Earth Day offer: bring your own travel mug, and your coffee is free!

So I enter the drive-thru at Starbucks, assessing that the 4-5 cars in front of me shouldn't take that long. This was the first mistake. No offense, Starbucks, but the Second Cup people are better than you guys at keeping things moving in the morning. Anyway, I'm almost at the front when I think about the fact that any benefit of saving paper by using my own mug has just been nullified by the amount of gas I've used idling my car for the last ten minutes. I won two rounds of solitaire on my iPod, though, so that's a bonus.

But whatever--I'm trying; I'm still saving a cup. Anyway, so I get to the window, and the lady takes my mug. She sets it down, then walks away, and returns, and I can half see her carrying a disposable cup of coffee. Sure enough, she pours the coffee from that paper cup INTO my travel mug! ...Seriously?! Did I really just see that go down?

So now I really haven't done the earth any good (although it's not my fault she didn't remember that I had a travel mug. Maybe if people moved faster through the line up, it wouldn't be so long between taking the order and greeting the customer at the window. Anyway...). I honestly felt like asking if she had been doing that all morning, or just with my coffee, but she was so nice (gave me extra sugar in case I needed it), I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I took my "earth-friendly" coffee, and headed to work.

Oh, well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, That Was Weird

So, I went and got my hair cut just before doing respite this afternoon, and as I'm paying at the counter, one of two men waiting for their turn says, "do any of you know anything about Easter?" I perk up a bit, and, as I finish entering my PIN number into the keypad, I turn around from the counter to face the guy who asked the question. I've given him the body language that says, "I do!", so he asks, "When is it that Christ rises from the dead?"

"Yesterday," I reply.

"Yesterday." The man pauses for a second, and then asks, "but wasn't He dead for three days?" The implicit message I got from his question is that he knows Christ died on Good Friday, and Easter Sunday is really only two days after that, so what gives?

"Well," I explain (oddly enough, I had briefly pondered this question the other day), "It says that when He was crucified, it was like the third hour or the sixth hour, so it could have been really early in the morning; so, Friday. Saturday. Sunday. And we don't know exactly when he rose on Sunday."

The other man pipes in at this point, asking, "but did He rise again after three days?"

I feel like we just had this question, but nevertheless, I reply, "No... it says that on the third day, He rose again."

"On the third day," the man repeats, nodding his understanding. Thankfully, this answer seems to satisfy them both, because I really didn't want to get into a conversation about the modern calendar vs. the Hebrew calendar, and all the discrepancies therein when it comes to Biblical data. Cuz I don't know it well enough.

"You're a Christian?" the first man asks.

"Yes," I reply confidently, nodding my head.

As I grab my receipt from the hairdresser, he makes a comment about history that I can't remember exactly now. But I respond with, "yeah, I think it would have been really cool to live 2,000 years ago to see how it all really went down." With this to ponder, it is time for me to go. We give each other the standard, "have a good day" and "you, too"s, and I drive off, thinking, what was that? You call me to be a witness by explaining a technicality?! I quickly shrug it off with a whatever (not an ignorant, 'screw-you-God' 'whatever', by the way, but a 'You-are-God-and-I-am-not-and-if-a-technicality-makes-you-more-real-for-those-guys-then-so-be-it' kinda 'whatever'. ...Just so we're clear), and continue to respite.

...I do hope all my information was accurate...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Living the Experience

"To experience community is to know the joy of belonging, the delight at being known and loved, the opportunity for giving and growing, the safety of finding a true home." -- John Ortberg

One Month to Go!

“Do not worry about your life, what you will eat;
or about your body, what you will wear.”
Luke 12:22

We are blessed with so much here in Canada. Many around the world are much less fortunate, and cling daily to the promise that the Lord will meet their daily needs.

As you know, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to provide personal care and needed supplies to children in Haiti. In doing so, I hope to show God’s love to them. Along with four other team members, I will be traveling to the God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) Orphanage in rural Haiti ( In addition to money and supplies, we are providing personal child care as well as a Vacation Bible School program.

Last year, the nation of Haiti was hit hard by the food crisis and by the destruction of two hurricanes. They have also felt the negative effects of the economic recession. While GLA was blessed in the ability to purchase land for a new orphanage site to expand their ministry (they are currently at maximum capacity and cannot take any new children), building has recently been stopped as they struggle to meet even the basic physical needs of the children in the current facility.

Our goal is to raise approximately $2,000 per person before travel. This amount will cover our flight and accommodation expenses. Any extra funds will be given to the orphanage as a gift. Would you like to be one of the people to help send me off to minister to these children, who are among the poorest in the Western Hemisphere? As well as funding, we also wish to collect medical supplies and infant care products to bring with us to meet basic health needs. Below is a list of supplies that you might consider donating. Last, and most certainly not least, you can contribute by praying for us.

Please make cheques payable to St. Paul’s Anglican Church and specify in the memo section of your cheque, “Haiti Mission Trip 2009”. You will receive a tax donation receipt. The church address is 10127-145 St., Edmonton, AB, T5N 2X6. Donated items can also be sent to the church or given to me. Contact me if you have any questions.

* * *
Items currently needed by GLA Orphanage (bold items indicate more significant need):

• infant liquid vitamins
• infant Tylenol

• bar soap - Ivory, Dial, Dove, or any other mild soap
• crib sheets
• antibacterial hand soap

• baby formula (especially for premature babies)
• disposable diapers (all sizes)
• scabies cream
• anti-fungal cream
• crib toys
• flip flop sandals (for staff)
• baby powder
• baby lotion
• baby shampoo
• computer photo paper - Kodak Ultima or Kodak Premium

Some things GLA really does NOT need at this time:

• clothing
• receiving blankets
• children's socks
• cloth diapers, diaper pins, plastic pants
• stuffed toys
• baby wash cloths

My team!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Watched this tonight. Good movie. Tough in spots. But overall, I would recommend it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friends, Grey's, Drinks

My Spring Break is coming to an end, and I must say, although certainly not a Lazy Spring Break, it was a good week, and it is ending so nicely.

Yesterday was a "Grey's night" (as in Grey's Anatomy) at my friend JP's place. It's usually at her place cuz she downloads the episodes (Slingbox) each week, and has recently acquired a 52" flat-screen LCD TV. Our Grey's watching is also enhanced by a really comfy couch, and yummy drinks.

Usually we watch the most recent episode, although generally I have already seen it. It is so funny to watch it a second time as my friends yell at all the characters and react at all the right spots! (I am not generally vocal at the TV; I tend to internalize the drama, and then it resurfaces in my dreams--but that's a whole 'nuther blog post.) Last night we also watched some reruns from the 3rd season (which I have not seen). So good; so intense; so Grey's.

But more than the Grey's episodes, I just love my friends so much. I have been so blessed in my friendships in the last few years, and even moreso recently, it seems. It's like as I get older (meaning my friends are older, too), there is such a more solid sense of what friendship is all about. My friendships are much more grown-up than they were even as recently as university, and because I have even more Christian friendships now than I did several years ago, that God-foundation is just so... I dunno. The word that comes to mind is 'wholesome', but that's not even it, cuz my non-Christian friendships are wholesome, too. I dunno how to really describe it. Except that it's awesome.

I wasn't popular growing up. I mean, from Junior High onwards, I had a solid group of friends and a solid sense of myself, and I moved through my teenage years quite smoothly, all things considered. But when you've spent most of elementary with 'friends' who are friends one day and bullying/making fun of you the next, I realized as an adult that it can still have an impact on your social perceptions, even if you are confident, independent, and strong. It took a long time to believe that these friends I was making in university really did want me around, weren't going to turn their backs on me, weren't going to forget me, and valued me just because I was me. Once I was at peace with that, I didn't look back.

You can imagine the "you have got to be kidding me" feeling I had when those old thought patterns crept up in the last couple years as I found myself forming some new friendships again. I recognized the faulty thinking; I told God that I knew I had absolutely no reason not to trust these people He had blessed into my life. I told Him that He needed to squash that way of thinking--get rid of it. He totally has. My friendships--best friends right through to people I am more just acquaintances with--are all so genuine. It still blows my mind some days.

Okay, so back to Grey's night. After a stressful few weeks all around, it was just such good hang out time. We laughed a lot--I love that. When I am with any of my friends, I just love when there is laughter. Pure uncontrollable giggles to remind us that God calls us to be in relationships not just to have a confidant, not just to grow spiritually, not just to learn, but for the simple enjoyment of each other. I enjoy you.

...And then today I was Superwoman. I helped A and JM move into new apartments. Wish I could have helped JM more--kinda had to rush and then leave early. Was babysitting this evening (not my respite family). I was Superwoman there, too, as the kids and I crushed up the ice of their back yard skating rink. I am exhausted and will be heading to bed right after I finish this post.

Tomorrow I have a Haiti meeting after church, and then I look forward to one last quiet evening before heading back into my work routine on Monday. I will kinda hit the ground running on Monday, but the Spring Break has definitely done its job, because two weeks ago, I would have been dreading it, but now I feel ready.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I don't get how someone with so much potential has such seemingly little direction (no, not me. And no, not you). It totally boggles my mind. And seems so contrary to God's design. A faith relationship with Christ and aimlessness in one's life--those seem mutually exclusive, no?