Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet...

We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet... by gina.blank

Happy New Year :)

I am honoured to have had my image featured in this New Year's Motion Picture Compilation,
created by Carmen Ortiz, author of the blog Baking is My Zen.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Time to S-t--r---e----t-----c------h

Stretch the body.
Stretch the mind.
Stretch the soul.

"Stretch" into 2014.

Friday, December 27, 2013

One WHOLE Year

Gosh, how time continues to fly. How are we at the end of 2013 already, when in some ways, it feels as if it has only just begun?
whole adj. 
1. Containing all components; complete.
2. Not divided or disjoined; in one unit.
3. Constituting the full amount, extent, or duration.
4.     a. Not wounded, injured, or impaired; sound or unhurt.
        b. Having been restored; healed.
adv. Informal Entirely; wholly
As I entered 2013, I knew that the word whole would be one to guide me. Unlike my previous two OneWord365 reflections, however, this was not tied to any specific goal or task (e.g. I knew that "create" would apply to my photography, amongst other things); it was simply a way I wanted to practice being as I moved through the year.
  • Complete -- Recognizing that I am complete; I am enough; I am whole--simply because I was created that way.
  • Not divided or disjoined -- In community, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts (members). Who are my communities? What is my part in creating the whole? What divides us? What draws us together?
  • The full amount -- I give wholly of myself; I receive fully from others.
  • Sound or unhurt -- Certain circumstances, situations, and relationships can fracture our heart. Sometimes these things are out of our control. Often, however, we can reframe how we see our circumstances, and we can choose to put ourselves into or out of unhealthy situations and relationships.
  • Restored -- When we are fractured, weary, burnt out, broken, we can be restored to wholeness through prayer, forgiveness, and being gentle with ourselves while God heals the heart.

"Individuality is only possible
if it unfolds from wholeness."

-- David Bohm

I am whole.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Communion (SOTC 80/365)

Communion (SOTC 80/365) by gina.blank
com·mu·nion (n): a close relationship with someone or something;  an act or instance of sharing;  intimate fellowship or rapport.

I was not even planning on being at church today. I was supposed to be shooting some family photos for a friend. They must cancel at the last minute; I switch gears back to my typical Sunday morning routine. I soon find myself ready for church with plenty of time to spare. And the sun is shining. And the sky is so blue. And it's +3C outside. So I grab my camera and head for one of my favourite spots to capture the sunny Edmonton skyline behind the snow-covered River Valley. I know from experience that this view of downtown is best in the mornings.

Alas, I overestimated the winter sunshine. The buildings were perfectly alight, while the snow-blanketed foreground was still asleep in the dark shadow of the hill behind me. over which the sun had not yet risen. Apparently, this view is best in the mornings that are not within a week of the winter solstice.

Nevertheless, the school where our church meets also backs onto field in pretty much every direction. A morning winter landscape was not out of the question just yet.

By the time I parked in the church (school) parking lot, it was 10:22. Communion would start at 10:30. After a bit of internal wrestling between my punctual left brain and my creative right brain, I gave myself permission to explore the area until as late as 11:00, which is when the church service actually started. It is often the case that I find myself humbled by some aspect of a nature landscape; the photography simply becomes an extension of worship.

This morning, I was caught by the way the sun was shining behind the elm trees, and after a few minutes, ended up with this picture.

There is fellowship I feel when I am out taking photos in God's creation.
There is an intimate joining of two* to create something new.
There is Light that overtakes shadow.

* Look closely. There are actually two trees in this image.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

SOTC 79/365

Baby Smile from a Baby Giraffe (SOTC 79/365) by gina.blank
Ya gotta admit, he's kinda cute :)