Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

Urban Tension

Chinook arches
over mountain tops;
I let go of the breath
I didn't even know I was holding

but not home

Winding down the arteries of this urban heart.
A beat I once knew;
knew differently.

I gravitate northwest
where I can still stand upon the earth
with a sense of place;
I venture elsewhere
and things become unpredictable
   Maybe I've been there,
   maybe I haven't

It's hard to tell
and it's not always the same
as what my mind recalls

--it bugs me.

Footprints left
so many years ago
   That's the street where...
   That reminds me of the time when...
   Oh, yeah, and that spot where I...

And just when I think I've come up
from almost drowning in memories
I turn around and
another childhood moment
that I had long forgotten
throws itself upon me

The memories were made
with child's eyes
And I have come back with adult eyes

And so I find my heart
craving what I remember
and trying to make sense of what is new

Leaping a chasm
that I created in time and space

And all I want
is a bridge

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Still Don't Like

About a year and a half ago, I challenged myself to use Facebook differently, and I stopped 'liking' posts. The original motivation came from a woman who tried it for two weeks; I decided to make it a permanent practice.

True, there have been some occasions where I still 'like' a post--but they are few and far between. They are used in the moments where a post has been made that really resonates with me, but where words would only take up digital space rather than enrich a 'like.' Sometimes a virtual nod of the head really is the best way to communicate.

I must admit, this intentionality around 'liking' posts was kind of the starting point for many other little changes. I like to think that I engage with/on social media differently than I did even a year go. In addition to not simply 'liking' posts, I have become more intentional about a few other social media practices:

  • Who I'm Following - the Facebook feed can get filled with a lot of garbage. As with real life, I need to pay attention to whom I'm giving my energy and attention. I wouldn't stay in a room full of people spouting useless or offensive rhetoric--why should I put up with it online? So I made the decision to unfollow individuals on Facebook who contribute to unnecessary 'clutter' (and yes, I realize that what I consider 'clutter' may be interesting to someone else, and that some may have 'unfollowed' me using their own similar process; no offence taken). 
  • Where I'm Posting - In addition to Facebook, I actively engage with Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. And in a very Gina fashion, I've tried to silo out what gets posted where. For example, I will not post recipes on Facebook (that's what Pinterest is for). I will not Tweet about my social life (that's what Facebook is for). Sure, all social media has a bit of overlap, but if I don't want certain clutter in my feed, I've realized I should be cognizant of what I'm putting into other peoples' feeds.
  • How I'm posting - should my own posts be in my feed, on someone's wall, in a private message, or maybe should I skip FB and text someone directly? Social media is supposed to connect us with others, and I need to take care to stay authentic in the way I communicate.
I feel this has been a step in the right direction. Social media has changed over the last several years, and will continue to do so, I'm sure. In order to be a user of social media and not simply a consumer of its contents, I also need to change my practices every now and then. It's been an interesting process, I must say. I go through bouts of enthusiastic daily posting, followed by periods of not posting anything at all, and simply lurking beneath the surface of all these online platforms.

Overall, mind you, I've noticed that I actually have more conversation with people; I tend get through my news feed much quicker at the end of the day; and I find it much more interesting. And that I 'like.' ;)