Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Year With Tom

Dear Tom,

It's been an interesting year, hasn't it? We didn't exactly choose each other, did we. We were matched a bit more through necessity than choice, and it's been an interesting year getting to know you.

When you arrived, I was still grieving a vehicle who had given me so many good years and memories. I had been treated poorly by the ones who made you, the ones who released you to me, and other vehicles similar to yourself. So by the time we met, I was both relieved to finally have you and yet wary of you at the same time. For a long time, all I could think was,

You are not Aubergine.

You are noisier than she was.
You are just a bit slower to get everything going in the morning.
Sometimes you're glitchy, and it's annoying.
Your oil changes are more expensive.
And your mileage isn't all that much better.

So I made you prove yourself to me. Over the course of the year, I've put you through the paces a bit to show you how we do things around here, and to see if you could keep up. I've filled your trunk with all manner of things needing to go all manner of places. I've plunked a variety of small, unpredictable people into your back seat. I left you at the airport for five days. I've dragged you all over the city at all times of day. Together, you and I have traipsed through prairies, foothills, mountains. Sunshine, rain, and snow. Keep up; and, you did.

I still find myself thinking,

You are not Aubergine.

Because I can finally listen to my iPod and iPhone through your speakers.
And all your speakers work.
And because your wheels may have had a hard time this winter, but you certainly did not.
You still have a bit of that new car smell.
You have six gears--totally fun.
You have cruise control!

...You're actually a pretty decent little car.

There are still parts of you that are unpredictable. And noisy. But we are starting to create some memories, you and I. And I think I find myself enjoying you.

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